Many years of planning and now the WTC, Two Towers are being prepared for manipulated destruction by teams working throughout the day and evening hours when the towers have been “supposedly” in the process of elevator maintenance and were primarily empty.

An additional skyscraper, know as the Solomon Building, or as the media labeled it, Building 7, has also been discreetly prepared using explosives.

Building 7 was going to function as the control-point of operations on the actual 9/11, considering that the Central intelligence agency had functional offices within the Solomon Building.

Now the logistic strategy to make the United states general public believe and perceive that these Boeing 767 airliners, referred to as “American Airlines Flight 11”, “United Airlines Flight 175”, and also “American Airlines Flight 77”, Boeing 757, allegedly hi-jacked by Islamic terrorists, rammed in to the Twin Towers and the Pentagon in the morning hours of 9/11, causing them to completely fall in a way that looked like a controlled demolition.

This action was and is diabolical and underhand, however, nevertheless, pragmatically effective.

Let Me Explain

The thing is, these American Airline flights which “supposedly” rammed directly into Towers 1 & 2, and the Pentagon, have been genuine flights which met their doom somewhere else in the united states.

If you noticed on video clips that they were windowless airplanes or drones, practically similar to Boeing 757 s, ended up being flown in to the Towers using remote devices.

Now, Flight 93, an actual Boeing 757, was really flown into an undisclosed place, landed, and yes, the passengers ended up murdered, killed.

Do you remember the supposed crash regarding Flight 93 right into a field in close proximity to Somerset, PA on 9/11?.

Absolutely NO airplane fuselage or even engine portions were retrieved from this crash, that was scientifically not possible not to find massive wreckage.

Regardless of whether an aircraft as big as a Boeing 757, is actually flown to the ground from a very high altitude, the ten tons of metal in addition to titanium engines elements or components don’t merely vaporize.

A substantial amount of remains would certainly remain.

It requires a fire as well as heat well over 2,300 degrees to be able to liquefy metal not to mention titanium, and far higher temperatures than that to be able to vaporize such a massive amount of material.

Kerosene jet-fuel is only going to create a fire having a heat range of less than Eight hundred degrees.

The US government employed various other high-detonation systems to generate that giant ditch in the earth, it sure as heck was no plane that did that.

In addition, the supposed cellular phone messages that were sent from the supposed passengers, apparently illustrating hijacking conditions, have been expertly contrived through the conspirators to look genuine and authentic for the American general public.

What Happened To The Contractors?

To be able to tie-up the many lose-ends with the conspiracy, all the various federal government contractors plus workers that had distinct information about this plan as well as specifics of secretly built drones, or performed any other unsuspecting part in organizing this conspiracy have been separately collected, ticketed, and put together in bulk, into one of the four rerouted aircraft, then slaughtered in an undisclosed spot in which the plane had been flown during the day time hours of 9/11.

These pragmatic killings of all the unlucky passengers in these airliners have been wholly authorized through paramilitary agencies in the U.S. government in undisclosed regions, and the bodies ended up being promptly incinerated.

Is this hitting home yet?

Is this even possible?

Did this actually happen?

Just the scenario of it happening scares the living daylights out of me personally. How about you?

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