The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, in a meeting with Turkish counterpart, Binali Yildirim, at 10 Downing Street in London November 27, 2017 Barry Amos / Conspiracy Talk News

LONDON (Conspiracy Talk News) – United Kingdom tried to digest on Thursday the untidy response of US President Donald Trump about British Prime Minister Theresa May for anti-Muslim tweets.

Downing Street criticized Trump for the “mistake” of spreading on social networks of the British far-right, attributing violent attitudes to Muslims.

Trump felt bad about the scolding and urged May to get involved in his affairs: “Theresa May, do not focus on me, concentrate on Islamic radical terrorism in the United Kingdom. We are doing very well, “the president wrote on Twitter.

The scuffle comes at a time when London is in need of ally alternatives to the European Union, and trusted the United States, with whom Trump presumes to maintain a historic “special relationship”, the expression used for the bilateral relationship.

However, they are not Trump’s first attacks on the United Kingdom

The president has already engaged on several occasions with Muslim mayor of the British capital, Sadiq Khan.

British Education Minister Justine Greening, the first member of the government to comment on the matter Thursday, tried to minimize the incident.

“In the end, our relationship with the United States has a longevity that will survive after presidents come and go,” Greening told BBC radio.

“I do not agree with President Trump’s tweet, but I also believe that it should not distract us from our domestic agenda, nor distract us from the close relationship that the United Kingdom has had for many, many years, and will continue to have, with the United States” he added.

Interior Minister Amber Rudd repeated that Trump had “made an error in retweeting the videos” during a special parliamentary session to debate what happened, but insisted that bilateral relations should prevail.

“I can assure you the importance of the relationship between the two countries. The unparalleled exchange of intelligence information is vital, undoubtedly has saved British lives. I urge people not to forget it, “Rudd said.

May courted Trump as soon as he assumed the presidency with the hope of one day reaching a large trade agreement, and invited him to pay a state visit to the United Kingdom, the highest honor, in which the guest lodges in the palace of Buckingham and is the subject of great celebrations.

However, the possibility of a visit, which should have occurred in 2018, raised a cloud of dust and still has no date.

Up to four deputies asked Rudd in his interventions to cancel the visit definitively, but discarded it: “the invitation was extended and accepted”, he limited himself to answer.

The mayor of London said that “it is increasingly clear that any kind of official visit by President Trump to the United Kingdom would not be welcome.”

Trump’s actions, Khan added, “are a betrayal of the special relationship between our two countries.”

“The prime minister of our country should use the influence that she and her government claim to have in the president and his administration to erase those tweets and apologize to the British,” the mayor said.

The controversy has put the focus on the far-right organization “Britain First”, whose second leader, Jayda Fransen, published the controversial videos re-tweeted by President Trump.

Britain First is legal, but the British government has tightened it’s grip on similar organizations since the assassination in June 2016 of Deputy Jo Cox by a right-wing militant.

“When the president of the United States promotes the vicelifeder of an organization of the extreme right, it makes it easier for others to follow the example … and even go further,” the widower of the deputy, Brendan Cox, wrote in The Guardian.


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