President Donald Trump signs his new policy toward Cuba in Miami on Friday, June 16, 2017 archived Photo - CTN News


Since the brothers Fidel and Raul Castro took power in 1959, various Democratic and Republican administrations have passed through the White House.

Within the historic swing of a cold war that for years was bloody, occasionally tempered and in many cases seemed to melt while using the handshake of Barack Obama and Raul at the Panama Summit held in 2015, now under the administration of Mr . trump, apparently he recovers the hard line along with the spirit of dismantling one of the priorities of his predecessor, who was to go down in history as the president that bridged with Castroism in promoting democracy in Cuba.

Trump has visited Miami, the main town of the Cuban diaspora, to reiterate to the sector of the exiled that fulfills a promise of strategy that was made in this same city prior to the Brigade 2506, composed by veterans of war of Bay of Pigs that in 1961 risked their lives in an incursion to the island, encouraged and financed by the John F. Kennedy administration before it abandoned them to their fate and lost all hope of freeing their country from a communist system which has outlived most of them.

Last October Trump told these men he would revert Obama’s policy towards Cuba, calling it a “very bad deal.” Eight months later, as president that counted on the votes from the exiles who did not forgive President Obama and his “concessions” towards the Cuban regime, the existing president has assured in the heart of Little Havana and encompassed by activists that for years have fought for a change on the island, that now Cubans are nearer to achieving that freedom that seems unattainable.

Actually the announcement from the president is far from being a complete break with the options of his predecessor. Essential aspects for Cubans for both sides, such as family travel and shipments of remittances, remain; The embargo is maintained, since only Our elected representatives can revoke it; As well as the diplomatic relationships that reestablished the previous administration are in force and with the operational embassies.

The most important changes have to do with the intention to limit any kind of commercial transaction that benefits to the conglomerate of military companies controlled through the Castro government through Grupo de Administración Empresarial, SA (GAESA), that also has a branch specializing in tourism Under the business entity known as Gaviota. There will also be greater restrictions for Americans wanting to travel to Cuba, although commercial flights and cruises are not in danger of being eradicated.

Obama left the White House sure that his policy of thawing was the kryptonite against an immutable regime, but before he said openly in Havana that changes would only be possible if Castroism pushed the transition. Now Trump proclaims in Miami that this is the final push to end a “depraved ideology”. In the United States times change and presidents come and go.


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