For the chemical attack in the United Kingdom 48 employees of the embassy and 12 of the UN mission in New York have seven days to leave the country.

The United States on Monday ordered the expulsion of 60 Russian diplomats accused of espionage for the attempt to assassinate spy Sergey Skripal in the United Kingdom, which attributes the attack to Moscow .

It is the hardest measure ever pushed against the Kremlin by the Donald Trump Administration, with a coordinated action between allied countries, and in the midst of a climate of tension reminiscent of the Cold War.

The alleged intelligence agents and their families have a period of seven days to leave US soil. 

In particular, the expulsion affects 12 employees of the Russian anvoy in the United Nations, located in New York, and 48 of the embassy in Washington.

 The government has also asked Moscow to close its Seattle consulate in the northwest of the country, citing its proximity to the Boeing aircraft factory and a submarine base.

The sanctions were announced at 9am and, almost simultaneously, Canada and 14 European countries announced that they were also expelling Russian diplomats. 

In as a direct result to the chemical attack in the United Kingdom, Russia has been accused of different interferences in Europe and the United States with the intention of muddying the political climate and dynamiting confidence in institutions, something that the Kremlin always denied.



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