Unjustified Killings In Nicaragua Continue

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights denounced on Tuesday that several of the deaths produced in the anti-government protests in Nicaragua could amount to “unjustified killings”.

“We have received information on at least 25 deaths in the context of the protests in Nicaragua. We are particularly concerned that a number of these deaths could be defined as unjustified killings,” said Office spokeswoman Elizabeth Throssell, who asked the Nicaraguan authorities for a quick, thorough, independent and transparent investigation of these deaths.

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“It is essential that all allegations of excessive use of force by police forces and other security forces be effectively investigated and that all those responsible assume their responsibilities,” she said at the UN press conference in Geneva.

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They were “very concerned” about reports that “dozens of people have been or have been arrested” in recent days. Also, the spokeswoman said that pillage cases should be investigated.

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The spokesperson recalled that, although the social security reform that triggered the conflict has been repealed, more demonstrations are expected in the coming days.


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