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All furniture will eventually become outdated. Whether it’s broken, damaged, stained, uncomfortable or simply unfashionable there comes a time when it’s necessary to upgrade.

This fact is especially true when it comes to the living room couch. As the centre for entertainment and social gathering in your home, the couch is probably one of the most important furniture investments you can make.

Maybe you’ve always wanted a leather sofa or maybe you just want more space to seat friends on a movie night. Let’s take a look at the tell-tale signs that you need to upgrade your living room couch.

Your couch is uncomfortable

The most obvious reason to upgrade something is when it begins to stop functioning properly. If something no longer fills the role it should then it makes logical sense to replace it.

A couch is, above all, meant to provide a comfortable seating solution for multiple people. When a couch enters a state of disrepair it can become terribly awkward to sit on.

An uncomfortable couch is not only a minor nuisance but a health hazard as well. If you’re going to sit in an awkward position for long periods you can cause strain to your spine that isn’t healthy.

Friends are less likely to want to visit if they know the seating arrangement is going to be uncomfortable. The last thing you want is to have your home known for its horrible couch.

Your couch is stained or damaged

There are a number of different ways in which a couch becomes damaged. These types of damage include marks and stains as well as signs of the material beginning to age.

Even the most well-made couches will start to show signs of aging. Fabrics will begin to fray and even a leather sofa can develop cracks or appear to be stretched.

While being careful with maintaining your couch can extend its life, it will eventually give way to signs of use. At this point it should be obvious that the couch needs replacement.

Your couch needs to be cleaned routinely

Depending on the material and make of the couch, it can become stained or dirtied rather easily. This is compounded by food particles and hair from people or pets that collects on the surface of the furniture.

Upgrading to something like a leather sofa means that the material will be more resistant to stains and can be more easily cleaned. Hairs won’t stick to a leather material and can be brushed off without much effort.

Your couch no longer fits with the style of the room

If you have changed your living space by redecorating or moving, the couch you keep may no longer fit with the overall theme. While it’s important that a couch is comfortable, it’s also important that it fits the aesthetic of your lounge room.

If you want to keep your décor exciting and fresh, then the couch can be one of the most powerful items in your arsenal. A couch is often the centrepiece of the room and will act as a focal point, drawing more attention to it.

If the couch isn’t consistent with your colour scheme or simply stands out for being ugly, then it’s best to upgrade it to something that fits better. It’s easier to replace an old couch in the design you want than to alter your design to accommodate it.

Your couch isn’t big enough

A couch is an important part of bringing people together in the home. It’s a seating solution that is shared by multiple people and brings them together in a subconscious way.

If your circle of friends gets larger or you are simply inviting more of them over, then you’ll probably need a bigger couch. Trying to fit more people in on chairs you have temporarily moved into the room doesn’t look good and tends to alienate those people.

Whether hosting a viewing party or an extended family gathering, a larger couch is a perfect way to comfortably fit more people.



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