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The Federal Reserve Conspiracy Is finally exposed to the world

At last the answer to why the World is so bad off! After 103 years we discovered the best kept secret in history:

Since December 23, 1913, the Federal Reserve Private Bank (Fed) seized the US and the vast majority of the world.

Jaime Roldos, Omar Torrijos, Kennedy, Warren Harding, McKinley, and others are assassinated by their predecessors, Bank of America. Wars are declared using weapons of mass destruction as an excuse  then Carlyle, Bechtel, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Douglas McDonnell, Boeing, Northrop Grumman are put to work to manufacture weapons of war. These companies are part of the bigger picture, the owners of them are the reason wars start. It’s all in the name of profit.

Bankers own the media like, FOX, CNN, ABC, ABC, CBS, BBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, etc and use the strategy of distracting the population with superficial TV programs , Short-lived technology products, reality shows and cartoons that ridicule family values.

The power of television is utilized with the purpose of gradually destroying our confidence in our neighbor, avoiding the union of people and a worldwide popular revolt.

The New York Federal Reserve is co-owner of the NSA, the CIA, the Pentagon, and the BIS-Bank for International Settlements, the IMF, the World Bank, the FOMC, as well as having a privileged vote in the United Nations and NATO.

The FED also allows drug cartels and arms trafficking to operate.

Powerful and the Mighty: knows the main Mafia families and banking cartel that own the Federal Reserve: These Mega-Rich families and their descendants are untouchable by justice and exonerated of taxes for life.

Every time they do an “economic bailout” they are actually BUYING the banks and financial institutions of the world, gradually appropriating the country they “save”. -Forbes magazine is a farce that shows only second-rate popular millionaires like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, managing to divert attention on the illegal activities committed by the True Mega-Riches within the Federal Reserve.

If you have never heard of them, it is simply because they discovered that the world is best handled in secret or underground (they learned from the mistakes made by Hitler, Napoleon, Alexander the Great and so many other conquerors) yet the Federal Reserve has achieved to this day almost the whole World by stealth mode and shadow government.

J.P. Morgan-family-england
J.P. Morgan-family-England

and also
Mosés Family Israel Seif (Italy)
Family Kuhn Loeb (Germany and USA)
Lehman Brothers Family (USA)
Goldman Sachs Family (USA)

They were working alongside the powerful Bilderberg Group, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the BIS (Club of Central Banks of the World) and the Tavistok Institute (experts in mass media), the Club of Rome, the IMF, The World Bank, the CIA, the Pentagon, etc. They form the Elite that decides which country to attack, which president to kill, what “terrorist attack” to finance, what economic crisis to plan, what show or “smoke screen” to invent, what “Flu” to use, etc.

 “The Federal Reserve’s masterpiece was the Self-Report of the Twin Towers” Using the power of convincing the international television networks, a false video was shown, where an actor posing as “Bin Laden” proclaimed himself the author of the attack. When in fact the towers contained explosives placed by agents of the CIA and airplanes prepared before, ready to crash…

Question Everything:

1) It collapses at 5pm – the THIRD Tower (WTC 7) without any aircraft touching it and at the same free fall speed, in which the twin towers fell

2) Demolition Controlled explosions of the 3 towers is seen with the naked eye.

3) Seizure of videos that show explosions far below where aircraft crashed and where melted metal is seen falling (airplane fuel never melts the metal).

4) Remains of “Thermite” (powerful explosive used in military demolition industry) found in the white powder that expelled from the towers when collapsing.

5) Al Qaeda is the name given by the CIA to the Mujahideen movement that fought against the Soviet Union in the 1980s. A hypocritical covert lie of the media!

6) The US is running out of oil and planned the bombing to plunder the oil fields of Iraq and appropriate the fields of Opium in Afghanistan.

7) What impacted the pentagon was not a plane; silenced witnesses saw a tele-directed missile to an area of the pentagon where there were almost no offices. That’s why we saw only a hole and not the marks of the wings of the “supposed airplane”

8) Why were the relatives of the true Bin Laden family (petroleum partners of Bush) given permission to leave the US and told not to respond to the press.

9) TV presentation of a fraudulent list of alleged “terrorists” who piloted the planes, when most of them were not even in the US.

10) The announcement made to Aaron Russo (famous politician and filmmaker) at a party of Nick Rockefeller, where he confessed that an “event” would help the US take the oil from Iraq, 9 months before the event occurred. Self-report!

11) A suspicious data: Both the terrain of the twin towers and the land where the UN building was built, were donated by the Rockefeller Family.

The Federal Reserve Bank-Oil Mafia is the source of the ills of our present world, All wars, attacks and provocations (against North Korea / Iran), the tale of “Influenza A” (Gilead business Sciences of Donald Rumsfeld, Bush’s defense secretary), the global crisis anticipated by Wall Street.

All this and many more things that we will never know, have their origin in the decisions made by the Mafiosi banker-oil families of the Federal Reserve. “Now you know: It is not the devil, the aliens, the sects, the communists, nor the capitalists who cause evil in the world.

It is simply a private bank that, thanks to a secret coup in 1913, now heads the most powerful nation on the planet. “But what can I do? Simply forward this message, because if the Federal Reserve is still in power, it is thanks to Total ignorance of the world population.


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