US Flies Bombers Over North Korea

SEOUL: US Military alongside Japan and South Korea flew strategic bombers in a show of force against North Korea and aggressive leader Kim Jong-Un, officials said on Wednesday. The day marked the 72nd Anniversary of the North Korea’s Ruling Party when B-1B bombers from US were joined by F-15K fighters from South Korea and F-15s fighters from Japan.

US had the First Ever Night-Time Combined Exercise With Its Allies South Korea and Japan

The event marked the first-ever night-time combined exercise for US joined by allies South Korea and Japan over the Pacific Ocean. The US B-1B bombers took off from the Andersen Air Force base in Guam, later joined by F-15K fighters from South Korea and additional F-15s fighters from Japan.

Later they flew over the Korean Peninsula in a show of force to “deter North Korea” who launched two test missiles over Japan recently. The air-to-ground missile drills were intentionally planned for the day which marks 72nd Anniversary of the North Korean Communist Party.

Earlier, North Korea had also launched test missiles on US National Holidays with the last test missile launched on the 4th of July calling it a “gift for the American Bastards”.

“Flying and training at night with our allies in a safe, effective manner is an important capability shared between the U.S., Japan and the Republic of Korea and hones the tactical prowess of each nations’ aviators. This is a clear demonstration of our ability to conduct seamless operations with all of our allies anytime anywhere.”, said Patrick Applegate, Air Force Major, 613th Air Operation Center, according to the Pacific Forces.

Trump and Defense Officials Discuss Options

In Washington, Trump had a meeting with Defense officials to discuss options on how to respond against the aggressive North Korea or to prevent Pyongyang from threatening US and its allies with Nuclear weapons.

The US President and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un have repeatedly exchanged heated rhetoric with Trump calling Kim Jong “Rocket Man” and threatening to “totally destroy North Korea” and in retaliation, Kim Jong-Un calling him a “mentally deranged US dotard” who needs taming with fire.

Military Documents Stolen By North Korean Hackers

On Wednesday, a South Korean lawmaker told an associated press how wartime operational plans which included wipeout of North Korea and assassination of their Leader were stolen by North Korean Hackers.

Around 235 GB of cache documents were stolen from the Defense Integrated Data Center in South Korea compromising US and South Korea plans against North Korea.

Meanwhile, the international parties are requesting North Korea and US to stop their bellicose posturing and seriously think about a peaceful solution.


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