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US politics are one of the hottest topics that are currently being discussed all over the world.

As of 2008 the United States of America was all poised for a revolutionary change with the election of Barack Obama as the new president. However, with President Obama having crossed the two year mark in his office at that time, national polls indicate that there is a marked division of opinion about his rule.

President Obama is probably the most liberal president to have taken the seat in a decade some say and firmly believe. From the time he launched his presidential campaign, he has placed himself in the service of the common man. He gave voters a hope of idealistic America. To the African-American community he was a credible candidate from among their own, for the liberals he was a progressive and a man of faith to the Christians. But, Obama’s troubles started with two wars and the most disastrous recession to hit the world in over a century.

While Obama’s rule on paper has been astonishingly good with healthcare reforms educational reforms and sound financial regulation, there is a certain sense of failure underlying his tenure, especially now as it is coming to an end.

During the 2010 mid-term elections, Obama’s party lost spectacularly while the Republicans more than made up for their 2008 losses with a 63 seat victory. The losses for Obama’s Democratic Party were mainly charted up to the high unemployment rates, a remnant of the 2007-2010 financial crises and the passing of the Patient Protection Act and Affordable Care Act; a controversial bill. Low exposure by the Republicans and a higher turnout of older voters has also been cited as possible reasons of failure for the Democrats. Now lets see what “President Elect Donald Trump” messes up, Oh, I mean does.

Article contributed By miss_writer / December 8 2016


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