jihadist group Islamic State. Archived Photo

WASHINGTON (Conspiracy Talk News) – US military and allies will shoot Islamic State (JIHA) jihadists, beat them to death or throw bombs if they do not surrender, a senior US military official said.

In a series of publications that surprised large numbers of people on social networks, the sergeant major of command , John Troxell warned that if the members of the IS refuse to surrender they will be eliminated with “extreme hostility”, even with a small military shovel used as a tool for trenches.

“If they surrender, we will safeguard their integrity in detainee cells, provide them with food, a cot and a fair trial,” Troxell wrote on Facebook.

“However, if they do not decide to surrender, we will kill them using extreme hostility, either through the assistance of the security forces, bombing them, shooting them in the face or beating them to death with our tools,” he added.

His message was accompanied by a photograph of an American soldier holding a military shovel. 

Troxell explained on Facebook on Wednesday the procedure to do so.

“Bad image”, replied a detractor on Twitter.

“This is not exactly the kind of message that soldiers need or they love to hear,” replied another user.

Troxell’s direct message comes when the rhetoric of US President Donald Trump and Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis against IE has hardened.


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