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WASHINGTON – US lawmakers returning to Washington this week will face growing pressure to take action on gun control after another mass murder that took the lives of 17 people in a Florida high school.

In recent days, American students have politically mobilized to a level that has not been seen since the Vietnam War, demanding Washington to act.

President Trump is urging Congress to strengthen control over the history of arms purchasers, to increase the age limit when one is allowed to buy semi-automatic weapons and to stop equipment or companies that makes weapons fire faster.

Trump is also urging schools to allow teachers to carry weapons to target potential attackers:

“Why do we protect airports and banks, government buildings, but not schools? The time has come to make it much more difficult for schools to targeted by attackers. We do not want them in our schools. “

Armed teachers is strongly supported by the right wing guards, but new laws on strong weapons of mass destruction collide with it. The National Arms Association says the tragedy in Florida could have been prevented if the federal authorities had acted after some warnings about the attacker:

“These type of people should never have been allowed to buy weapons, never … The members of our association are parents. We see our children in every child. We never want to see something like that again”.

Teachers being armed has been rejected by the governors of two political parties and by many teachers themselves:

“Inside the classroom? No, I have a seven-year-old child and I would not want him to go to school knowing that there might be a gun in the classroom, whether filled with bullets or not”.

Two decades have passed since Congress passed important legislation on firearms.

The ban on arms, adopted in 1994, expired in 2004 and since then, seven of the most mass murders in American history have happened, while the actual number is ten. Many Democrats want to reconsider the prohibition of semi-automatic weapons:

“We continue to suffer from the problem of mass murderous violence that occurs only in America … Only in America, the cost of inaction is another mass murder of our children in schools. Only in America, we have chosen to defend the benefits of corporate weapons, before the lives of our young people. “

Outlawing a whole category of firearms is unlikely to be approved by Republican-led Congress, but political support is consolidating for action on some less polarizing proposals.

Congress has not approved changes to gun laws following mass killings at Virginia Tech University, Newtown in Connecticut and Nevada’s Las Vegas.

Students in Florida and other countries are promising that this time, it will be different.



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