The fallout from China’s dirty vaccine scandal continues to worsen. The citizens of China have demanded answers after it was discovered that a vaccine maker released thousands of tainted vaccines into the country’s circulation. After arrest had been made, it was discovered that authorities were aware of past infractions by the same illegal vaccine operation. In other words, they knowingly let an illegal vaccine shop deliberately poison its citizens.

Additionally, people have filed lawsuits demanding retribution. $90 million of improperly stored and expired vaccines infiltrated the medical system and the country of China seemingly allowed this to happen. They now are fighting against taking any responsibility. According to, people are outraged.

“Everybody gathered outside the National Health and Family Planning Commission today, and then we all marched to their complaints department in the Xizhimen district,” parent activist Liu Lixin told RFA on Tuesday.

“We are calling for a vaccines law, because there is no legislation covering vaccinations right now, and families who have been victims of this disaster have no judicial redress,” he said.

Meanwhile, nearly 70 parents had their initial lawsuits accepted by the Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court, parent campaigners said on Tuesday

“About 70 or 80 people went there yesterday, and we succeeded in filing our lawsuits,” Liu told RFA. “The lawsuits are against the National Health and Family Planning Commission for its inaction and failure to fulfill its regulatory role.”

“We also demand that they properly handle the consequences in the aftermath,” he added.

However, China is strong-arming anyone participating in protests or lawsuits, even going so far as to jail them or put 24-hour surveillance on them.

“I had planned to take part [in the Beijing protests and lawsuits], but I was forcibly escorted home by officials from my hometown on April 13,” parent activist Wang Liangqing said on Tuesday.”Now they are watching us 24 hours a day, so we weren’t able to go.” Wang called on the government to take the victims of tainted vaccines seriously.

According to an interview from a protester given to, around 1,000 protesters have been jailed.

Another protester named Liu Lijun said, “Around 1,000 people were taken to [a detention center in neighboring province] Jiujingzhuang … from around 700 families.”

Dissension when it comes to pharmaceuticals is often met with government intimidation. This will be the reality in the United States soon; our country is headed down the same road as it supports removing freedom or speech and freedom of medical choice. Without question, the country of China would appreciate more than anything to have some freedom of choice in this matter, so it baffles me that our country would just throw ours away.



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