Vatican police walk through St Peter’s square in Vatican City,.

The arrest of Carlo Alberto Capella accused of having images of child pornography, and is currently in a cell at the Vatican. 

The Vatican explained in a statement that “this morning the investigating judge of the Vatican City State Court issued an arrest warrant against Priest Carlo Alberto Capella.”

The statement also reports that the arrest follows an investigation carried out by the promoter of justice and that “the investigating judge has taken the decision on the basis of paragraphs 3 and 5 of article 10 of the law VIII of 2013 “.

Paragraph 3 of this article establishes that anyone who “distributes, discloses, transmits, imports, exports, offers, sells or stores” material containing “child pornography”, or “distributes or disseminates news or information for the purpose of sexual exploitation of minors “will be punished” with imprisonment of one to five years “and a fine of between 2,500 and 50,000 euros.

On the other hand, point 5 says that the penalty can be higher if the material “is of enormous quantity”.

In September 2017, the Vatican opened an investigation against this official after Canadian police accused him of possession and distribution of child pornographic material, downloaded during a trip the priest made to the country in December 2016, reported the Italian media.


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