Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami arriving at a military parade in Caracas, Venezuela, in February 2017. Fernando Llano AP

Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami said Sunday that the US Treasury Department has not presented evidence against him on allegations that he is linked to international drug trafficking because “there is no evidence.”

“There is not a single proof of evidence”. It is an arbitrary, illegal, extraterritorial measure that violates all types of rights … The OFAC has not issued a single item of proof and will not issue it because there is no evidence, Said in an interview with CTN News.

According to El Aissami, US authorities have taken the testimony of four drug traffickers captured in Venezuela under his leadership when he headed the country’s Interior Ministry and are using them as part of a “hoax” to accuse the Venezuelan state of drug trafficking.

On February 13, the United States government imposed economic sanctions on El Aissami for allegedly “playing a significant role in international trafficking of narcotics.”

The US authorities explained that these actions are the result of “an investigation going back years” and affirmed that they are not a diplomatic reprisal against the Government of Venezuela, but address the two individuals “exclusively”.

These sanctions resulted in the freezing of “tens of millions of dollars” in the assets of the Venezuelan vice president – and an entrepreneur accused of being his front man, Samark López – under US jurisdiction.

“I’ve never had a visa and I’ve never asked for it either. I do not have an account in the United States or anywhere in the world. Nothing! “He said.

In that sense, they should considered that before the “attack” against a high official of the Venezuelan state, he has the “legitimate right” to respond by any means and that is why the letter was published in the newspaper The New York Times on 22 February , In which it rejected that it has assets in the North American country.

A letter that, he said, has “shook” American society because “they realize that they are using their institutions to run over other peoples.”


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