Photo: Facebook - Luc Monette

QUEBEC – It has been shared more than 100,000 times on Facebook and adds a total of 6.7 million views at the time of writing these lines. The video of a Quebecer turned viral on both sides of the Atlantic.

And all for making fun of the French and their relationship with the snow.

In the video you hear Luc Monette laugh while watching TV5 news , where they report the chaos on the French highways after the “heavy” snowfall that fell in several parts of the European country.

The first sentence of the reporter already laughs when she says that the road is “practically impassible” due to the snow. The cameraman shows the road, where hardly any snow has accumulates.

Without a doubt, Canadian drivers will not be reflected in the “tragedy” of our French friends.

“It’s you who is in the middle of the road that blocks the highway, ” Monette says to the television while he continues filming.

The video has gone around the world and even the French media have remarked how their “cousins” in Quebec have mocked the way they handled the snowstorm that hit the European nation.

Here is the video:



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