Virgin Territories still unexplored Google image labeled for public reuse

If anyone thinks there are no virgin territories left, maybe he or she should travel to Yukon , a territory almost as big as Spain but with only 34,000 inhabitants.  

This corner of the northwest of Canada , bordering Alaska, is still in the XXI century a wild land, where almost all animal species outnumber humans and landscapes of a majesty and beauty that can only be appreciated in person. 

Few corners have remained so unchanged over time. 

The aborigines, who have managed to survive here for thousands of years, continue to hunt and set traps as always and there is only a brief period in history when the area rose to world fame: with the Klondike gold rush, in 1898, which marked the maximum population level although it left an ephemeral heritage.

Yukon is a destination for nature lovers and outdoor sports: the five highest mountains in Canada and the largest subarctic ice fields in the world are in the virgin and imposing Kluane National Park , and canoe expeditions by the Yukon River are unforgettable.


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