Virginia Woman Killed After 12-Year Old Attempts Suicide By Falling On Her Car

Virginia: A Virginia woman was killed after 12-year-old jumped over I-66 Overpass and fell on the victim’s car. The woman identified as Marisa Harris, 22 was a clinical psychology student and wanted to make a difference in the world.

Marisa Harris was traveling with her boyfriend in the passenger seat traveling eastbound on I-66 when the 12-year boy came crashing down on her 2005 Ford Escape and incapacitated her driving. She died on the spot while her boyfriend and the 12-year-old survived.

“Based on the investigation and witness accounts, a 12-year-old male jumped from the Cedar Lane overpass. The impact incapacitated the vehicle’s driver.”, Virginia state police said in a statement.

12-Year-Old Sustained Life-Threatening Injuries

The young boy who jumped off the I-66 overpass has sustained life-threatening injuries and was transferred to Fairfax Inova Hospital. His identity has not been revealed yet. Maryland State Police are taking care of the investigation as a suicide attempt.

The case in itself can be seen as an irony where the young Harris wanted to help troubled children like the one involved in the unfortunate incident.

Marisa studied Clinical Psychology at the Maryland University of Virginia and wanted to help young adults who were in need or troubled. The young girl comes from a family of psychologists and could have made a difference in lots of lives.

“Marisa was very quiet and reflective, but you could tell once she completed her program she was going to make a difference in the lives of a lot of young adults.” Lisa Jackson-Cherry, a teacher at the University said.

Towson University from where she graduated called her a caring and loving person who intended to devote her life to people in crisis. They also empathized with the family of the young 12-year-old who wanted to leave the world so early.

The Freak Accident Killed a Graduate Who Was an Only Child and a Daddy’s Girl

Calling it a “freak accident”, Marisa’s uncle told an associated press how she was a young talented girl and an only child of her parents. Her father was devastated by the news and the loss of his child who had just started to live her dream.

“She didn’t even get an opportunity to begin her life. She was just snatched too young, too early. She was just starting to blossom in her life and this freak accident happened. That’s what kills me.” – Bruce said.

Her parents have not commented till now and the reason why the young child wanted to kill himself is still a mystery.


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