Vladimir Putin admits he doesn't want an arms race Google image labeled for reuse

Russian Commander In Chief Vladimir Putin, after experiencing a grand slam re-election victory, flexed the patriot muscles Monday, proclaiming that he is going to protect Russia’s interests for an additional 6 years without having an arms race.

Putin succeeded in the 4th governmental term Sunday having almost 77 percent of the ballot– the greatest electoral backing ever, for him a personal best. The outcome provides Putin brand-new self-confidence so as to stand up against the Western world and also release Russia’s resurgent strength upon the global stage.

” We have no intention of engaging in some kind of arms race,” Putin said, speaking at a meeting with his seven defeated presidential challengers in the Kremlin. “Just the opposite, we will seek to develop constructive relations with other countries. We will do all we can to solve all disputes with our partners using political and diplomatic means.”

The Russian governmental political election happened in the middle of intensifying Cold War-like pressures, having allegations that Moscow was actually responsible for the nerve-agent poisoning this month regarding a past Russian espionage agent within Britain, and its world wide web trolls tried to weaken the 2016 United State Of America presidential election.


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