Volcan de Fuego in Guatemala erupted around 4 pm and the 1300 Fahrenheit lava flowed into nearby villages and roads claiming the lives of 65 people, injuring 46 others, and has forced the evacuation of nearly 3200 inhabitants.

“The total casualties can be much greater than the current reported figures”, says the Guatemala Police.

Jimmy Morales, president of Guatemala stated that a “state of emergency” needs to be imposed in the areas surrounding the volcano. “This was the most dangerous eruption in over a hundred years” said Morales.

This volcano reaches heights of 12,346 feet above sea level.

The effort for the emergency officials and firemen is far from over, due to a serious threat of avalanches, of debris falling all around the area and the ash content of the eruption is sufficient for 1.7 million people to be severely affected by it.

Emergency officials have opened nearby shelters for evacuees. It was reported that of the bodies which were found, only 13 were recognisable.

Rescue workers, soldiers, medics, and the police, all united in cohesive efforts to rescue as many people as they could while the firefighters battled lava flow.

“Due to the constraints caused by the weather, however, efforts of putting out fires were suspended temporarily” according to Cecilio Cacaj, a spokesman for the firefighting department.

The lave still continues to sizzle and be threatening for the people of Guatemala.

The Volcan de Fuego means the ‘Volcano of Fire’, and it has been declared as one of the most active volcanoes in Central America.


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