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Volkswagen the German car-maker will appoint an “independent” historian to examine the past behavior of the company under the last two decades of military dictatorship initiated in 1964.

“We want to clarify the dark period of military dictatorship (1964 to 1985) and the behavior of those responsible (company) in Brazil and, if applicable, in Germany,” said a statement from the group’s legal director, Christine Hohmann- Dennhardt.

In September 2015 former workers and activists sued Volkswagen giant in Brazil, accusing the company of having allowed the persecution and torture of workers opposed to the military regime of the time.

According to the complaint, 12 workers were arrested and tortured in the Volkswagen factory in Sao Bernardo do Campo. He also accused the company of having made “blacklists” of opponents to the military dictatorship.

“We will clarify the role of the company during the military dictatorship in Brazil, with perseverance and the necessary consistency, the same way we did, early and comprehensively to subjects of the Nazi past and the use of slave labor” , the statement added.

Research by” independent historian Christopher Kopper” a professor at the University of Bielefeld.


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