Refractive errors are very common eye disorders, in which the eye can not clearly focus the images.


Q What are refractive errors?

Refractive errors are very common eye disorders, in which the eye can not clearly focus the images. The result is blurred vision, which is sometimes so severe that it causes visual impairment. The three most common refractive errors are: myopia: difficulty in seeing distant objects clearly; Farsightedness: difficulty seeing objects nearby; Astigmatism: Distorted vision due to the abnormal curvature of the cornea, which is the transparent surface that covers the eyeball. A fourth disorder is presbyopia, which results in difficulty in reading or focusing well on an arm away. It distinguishes itself from the other disorders in which it is associated with aging and affects almost everyone. Refractive errors can not be prevented, but can be diagnosed at an ophthalmologic examination and treated with corrective glasses, contact lenses, or refractive surgery.

Q I am 23 years old and have varicose veins, I would like to know what I can do to avoid them or get rid of them.

You must change your lifestyle: Avoid sitting or standing for long periods. If work or daily life is sedentary, you should flex your legs and ankles frequently, get up and walk. At the end of the day, it will help relieve any swelling by raising your legs a few inches above heart level. Regular exercise (walking, cycling, swimming) decreases the pressure in the veins and relieves discomfort. Compression stockings provide immediate and long-lasting relief by compressing varicosities and thus improving venous return. They are usually designed so that the maximum compression is around the ankles and calves. They may also be indicated during pregnancy.

Q What are benzodiazepines?

They are a group of drugs that cause slowing of the nervous functions, they have a effect of relaxation or sensation of calm. They are used to treat panic attacks, muscle contractions, nervousness, insomnia, anxiety, and seizures. We can differentiate between a group of benzodiazepines that are short acting (between 2 and 10 hours) and long acting (12 to 100 hours) in their effect. For this reason Triazolam (2-4 hours) is used as a sleep inducer and, nevertheless, we must use another one in the lack of sleep due to premature awakening. Caution should be exercised if there is previously liver disease, alcohol abuse, brain diseases, poor salivation in children, glaucoma, hyperactivity, kidney or lung disease, myasthenia gravis, porphyrias, pregnancy or sleep apnea; Should always be prescribed by a physician and used under the control of the practitioner.

Q I am being treated with anticoagulants because of a venous thrombosis problem, can I take aspirin when I have a cold?

Patients with anticoagulants should avoid the use of certain medications, as they may increase the effect of these anticoagulants, and may be dangerous. Aspirin, as an antiplatelet agent, is one of the drugs to avoid; In case of headache or cold could use paracetamol, always consult your doctor. They will tell you what to do before taking any medication.


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