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Are you tired of sitting in the corner at parties or weddings because you don’t know how to dance? Social dance lessons may be the perfect thing for you in that case. Social dance classes are a fun natural way to learn how to dance.

On top of being able to develop the skill to be able to dance, dancing also has a lot of other benefits that you may not know about. Here are just some of the added bonuses that learning how to dance has to offer.

It’s fitness

When it comes down to it, dancing is essentially physical activity. It may not seem like it due to the amount of time of fun you’re having but dancing is great cardiovascular exercise. This isn’t just speculation either, there have been numerous amounts of studies that have linked regular dancing to the improvement of our circulation, lung capacity, quality of your skin, joint movement, blood sugar and calorie reduction.

If you’re looking for a social way to improve your physical health and fitness social dance classes are great for beginners and get you active while making new friends.

It improves your balance, coordination and posture

Additional to the improvement of your physical health and fitness, dancing is great in toning your muscles that enable us to balance and stand. With the complex hand and feet movements that you will be doing as well you will be able to increase your coordination while you’re at it.

Great form of brain training

When you participate in social dance classes you will be aware that dancing requires you to make decisions quickly to lead or follow each move. The decision-making and dealing with new situations is a great way to train your brain and improve your reflexes.

The skills and brain training that you get form social dance classes isn’t just limited to dancing. Staying mentally sharp is transferable into your everyday life and make sure that your cognitive abilities don’t diminish.

Helps with mental health problems

Dancing and taking social dance classes raises your endorphin levels which can elevate your mood and help combat stress and depression. It is also a great way to promote positive body awareness and make you more comfortable with what you’ve got to work with.

Building confidence and having an elevated mood shows in many different aspects in your life including how you walk, approach problems and when talking to others.

Increases your social circle

When you’re attending social dance classes or going out dancing at night you will meet new people that you otherwise wouldn’t. It’s great opportunity to meet new people and make new connections to increase your social circle.

The dancing environment is friendly and encourages new interactions and experiences with others. If you’re struggling in a new city or just can’t seem to make new friends, dancing is the way to go.

It gives you an artistic way to self-express yourself

How many of us are stuck in jobs where we have to downplay our creativity and self-expression in our work? A lot of people are stuck in offices and require a way to express themselves in a way that makes them feel good.

Having a creative outlet through dance is a great way to ward of muscle atrophy and give you the sense of self-expression that you need.

If dancing doesn’t really seem like your thing then after reading this I’m sure your opinion has changed. Social dance classes offer so much more than just a way to show off at your next social gathering.

It’s a great outlet to express yourself and make you feel physically and mentally healthy at the same time.


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