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Most NSW residents go throughout their lives never expecting that they’ll need to legal services of a professional family lawyer in Sydney. While the circumstances that lead to this requirement can come as a shock, it pays to be prepared for them regardless.

An experienced family lawyer from Sydney will ideally have spent decades dealing with a great amount of issues similar to yours. Whether its divorce, child custody or negotiated property settlement, you don’t want to jeopardise your chances of getting an ideal outcomes by hiring less than adequate legal representation.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common situations where you’ll need a family lawyer in Sydney.


Nobody ever gets married expecting that they’ll divorce, but it’s sadly an unfortunate reality of our society that a large proportion of marriages end this way. While this development can come as a shock, it’s always worth having an experienced family lawyer from Sydney to help you deal with it in the best way possible.

If you are planning to serve divorce papers to your spouse, you may need an experienced solicitor to assist you in drafting the forms required. There are different requirements that need to be satisfied prior to a marriage ending in divorce that can be complicated if not fully understood.

For example, if a couple wants to divorce but still remain in the same residence, they may require additional paperwork and witness statements to prove that they are in fact separated in principle. Because a divorcing couple needs to prove separation for more than a year, doing so while living together requires more evidence that you are functionally no longer in a relationship.

Family lawyers in Sydney are able to assist clients with finding the evidence they need to prove separation. They can also assist clients in serving divorce papers to their spouses’ legal representative and representing their clients in the necessary court hearings.

Property settlement

Unlike divorce, property settlement can be negotiated as soon as separation occurs, so it’s best to hire a good family lawyer in Sydney as soon as possible. Having legal representation will give you to expertise you need to successfully fight for you best interests in any property negotiation.

Some family lawyers in Sydney will be experienced negotiators with accreditations in advanced dispute resolution. They understand the value and strength of settlements that are agreed to by both parties rather than begrudgingly arbitrated by a court.

The solicitor you hire can either sit with and advise you during a property negotiation or do everything on your behalf. Keep in mind that you ex-partner will likely have their own legal representative, so it’s best to limit expectations to what can be reasonably achieved by both sides.

If a successful negotiation cannot be achieved, then you will need a family lawyer in Sydney who is also a talented litigator. They need to be able to make arguments to the judge on your behalf as to why certain assets are required by your in order for a fair settlement to be reached.

Child custody

Issues involving the care of children following a separation are particularly precarious and require the talents of an experienced family lawyer in Sydney to navigate successfully. Similar to property settlements, arrangements regarding the future care and visitation of children are ideally negotiated out of court.

In particularly acrimonious separations, issues of child custody will often be litigated in court. This required a skilled solicitor who can argue your case as to why you deserve to be the primary caretaker of the children and why your ex-partner shouldn’t be.




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