President-elect Donald Trump speaking on Dec 1, 2016, in Cincinnati, Oh HOTO AFP

President elect Donald Trump is still continuing to use Twitter as a medium for defending his bonds with the Taiwan leader.

This is definitely a breach of a diplomatic protocol since the United States has shifted from Taiwan to China nearly four decades ago. There were a series of tweets that evening. Donald Trump complained about critics that stressed on the fact that he was not prepared to work with China. Moreover, China considers Taiwan as a very rogue province in the region.


Ben Carson waving as he strolled lobby of Trump Tower in NY City on Nov. 22-16 Anthony Behar-CNP – TNS

It seems that Mr. Trump nominated Ben Carson to “secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development”.  He also said that he is “thrilled to nominate” Carson, saying he “has a brilliant mind and is passionate about strengthening communities and families within those communities.”

Here are a few words from Donald Trump’s tweets:

“Did China ask us if it was alright to perform a number of actions like building up disputed Islands? Or, take serious economic decisions that can harm the United States?”

On Friday, Tsai Ing-Wen the Taiwanese leader called Trump to congratulate him on his victory. The call was organized by an American third party, a crucial figure in establishing this call was Edwin Feulner, he is the founder of Heritage Foundation in Washington.

Feulner was very enthusiastic about setting up communication channel between the Taiwanese leader and Donald Trump.

During this call, a complaint to the US government from China was discussed, Wang Yi, Foreign minister claims this call as a small trick played by Taiwanese officials, adding he believes that policies between China and US wouldn’t change.

Wang clearly quoted that policies between China and US act as cornerstones that shouldn’t and will not be damaged or interfered.


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