Chinese people have used the China social media to welcome their new President Xi Jinping. The president was named as mighty Uncle Xi and his communist party is deemed as the “core”. Though the party tried hard to cult Xi’s personality, the title “core” was awarded. This puts President Xi Jinping in line with other leaders like Deng Xiaoping and Mao Zedong. His power is believed to stress on the importance of joint leadership.

The Other Side

On the other hand, many people wanted “boast posts” about leaders to be banned. These communities believe that publicity should be based on pure, solid facts and nothing more. However, this had very little impact on enthusiastic online users. More and more Weibo social media users praised their leader as the “mighty uncle”. They related him to a great emperor and a person who is ought to realize China’s dream.

Posts from Global Times

Global Times revealed that Xi has acquired a strong image in the hearts and minds of Chinese people. These thoughts are less likely to change with time. Chinese people deem that Xi’s leadership has changed the country positively and played a major role in its development. He was a successful leader against corruption and tacky issues like terrorism. Wang Hui (40) a deliveryman says that Xi has done things other leaders were not able to achieve. His plans worked against corruption smoothly. He is very systematic and strategic in getting things done. That makes him very attractive.


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