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NDP stands for New Democratic Party. The NDP is a social democratic and political party of Canada. The main aim of this party is to protect, support and encourage equal rights of homosexuals and minorities living in the country.

Quick History Overview

The New Democratic Party was established in the year 1961. The founding member and leader at the time for the party was Tommy Douglas. From its establishment till now, it has managed to expand within many different cities of Canada including Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta as well.

2011 Elections and Becoming Opposition Party in Parliament

Unfortunately for a very long time, NDP was left out of attention and was not given the rightful place that it deserves.

In contrast to other major parties of the nation, NDP was always overshadowed or sidelined despite being around for a very long time. It was until the elections in 2011 were held that the party achieved its biggest successes and recognition till date. It managed to become an opposition party in 2011 and Jack Layton – who happens to be the leader for the party during this time – is credited for the great success that the party achieved.

Changing Leadership

Jack Layton that led the party to success was soon replaced by Thomas Mulcair as he died of cancer within a few months of the party becoming an opposition. In the recent few years, NDP has been facing a lot of challenges as the leader of liberals Justin Trudeau is now in power and this has messed with the opposition’s leadership in many cities. However, the party now seems to be gaining its power back with leaders like Jagmeet Singh becoming a leading force for the party. Recently, Singh has recruited around 25 thousand new members to the party in efforts to stabilize NDP and make it sustain and advance ahead with unity.

NDP – Provincial Party After All These Years

A very interesting thing about the New Democratic Party is that though it has now been around for almost 5+ decades now – it has always chosen to stay provincial but has never strived to become a national party. There are many prominent states of Canada like British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta where NDP is strongly working but it has never made any visible efforts to become a national party. This is much of a surprise because when the party was awarded the official opposition position in the Canadian Parliament in 2011 – it was indeed expected that it would make the next move to compete in the national elections. However, all its leaders always prefer to stay confined to the provincial level.

Only Interest Is a Better Canada

The one thing that has always been evident about the NDP is its keen interest in working for the betterment of Canada as a nation. They have always strived for securing the rights of the minorities and homosexuals i.e. gays and lesbian members of the society. They are also staunch supporters of the youth and really see the young people to be a driving force for the country’s success in the long run.


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