Earthquake in Mexico

On Tuesday, Mexico got hit by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake killing more than 200 people and leaving in the wake, toppled buildings, cracked highways and people stuck in collapsed buildings. While Rescue missions are still ongoing increasing the death rate with every passing hour, one may wonder why Mexico got hit twice this September.

Just two weeks back, South West Mexico experienced an even greater earthquake with 8.1 magnitude that killed hundreds and put thousands on the streets destroying their homes. In another coincidence, as one may call it the recent earthquake came right 32 years after the 1985 earthquake hit Mexico.

Tragedy Strikes Mirroring the Incidents of 1985 Earthquake in Mexico

The 1985 earthquake was one of the largest experienced by the country with thousands of deaths and the sending the whole city to ruins. Right after the city people had participated in the simulated-earthquake drill that marks the events which occurred in 1985, the city experienced the real deal. Ironic, to say the least.

Now, while many may feel it is the after-effect of the 8th September earthquake. The Seismologists think differently.

What Causes Mexico’s 19th September 2017 Earthquake?

Mexico is a highly active seismic country sitting on top of three tectonic plates- The Pacific Plate, the Cocos Plate and the North American plate. Whenever these plates push each other, an earthquake ensues.

This current earthquake happened because of stress inside one plate- the Cocos plate. According to Caltech Seismological laboratory, while it cannot be the cause of after-effects that occur within minutes of each other and also considering the distance of 400 miles between the earthquake locations, there is a certain similarity in mechanism which cannot be denied.”

That being said, both temblors happened due to extensional stress within the Cocos plate. More studies will be conducted to understand the connection between the recent two earthquakes suffered by Mexico.

The Soil of the Country Acts as an Amplifier for the Tremors

Mexico is highly prone to earthquakes. We have established that. But what makes it even worse is the fact that the country is situated on the former lakebed. Whenever earthquake tremors pass through the grounds, the soft soil beneath amplifies these tremors to a greater magnitude.

“Mexico City has extremely loose soil that amplifies that shaking by a factor of 100 or more”, said seismologist Lucy Jones to an associated news publisher.

While the Mexico Subduction zones make it a target for frequent and massive earthquakes, scientists feel the two recent disasters were unusual and are related. However, they would need to research more on the matter to come up with a definite conclusion.

Are you stuck in Mexico Earthquake? Google can help you

Meanwhile, Google has launched its people finder tool to help the bereaved families find their loved ones and help volunteers locate the relatives of the victims.

If you are in Mexico looking for someone or have information about someone please visit Google’s People finder and help those in need.

Conspiracy Talk News team is praying for Mexico and stand by the people in this hour of grave tragedy.


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