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Whether it’s time to paint the walls or ceiling, install new windows or just clean hard to reach places, it may be necessary to ascend to dangerous heights to complete renovation work. While many people think they can get away with using a ladder, most will find that this method is as inefficient as it is dangerous.

Scaffolding hire means renovators can use a safe and sturdy platform to reach the high up jobs they need to do. The following will discuss some the key reasons why temporary platforms are so useful in home renovations.


It may be the most obvious reason, but it’s clearly the most important. There’s an inherent danger of falling whenever someone works in a high up place.

A temporary platform that has been properly set up and inspected provides one of the safest possible ways to carry out work in high places. The included hand-railing means that someone is far less likely to fall off a platform and cause a serious or fatal injury.

Ladders can be dangerous to use inside and out. Inside the home they can slip on the floor surface and outside the legs can dig or sink into the ground, causing an imbalance.

People ought to feel safe in their homes and it’s no different when performing renovations. The proper use of a temporary platform system means peace of mind while the work gets completed.


If the safety benefits alone aren’t enough to convince someone to use temporary platforming, then they may want to hear how much more convenient they are to use than other alternatives. A temporary platform allows a range of movement and motion not available on a ladder.

It means that renovators won’t have to climb down a ladder to pick up new tools or re-deploy to reach another area as they have a huge amount of space and access to work with. All the tools and materials someone will need can be brought up and set on the platform so that they don’t need to continually climb back down.

Scaffolding hire allows renovators to quickly set up a system that lets them to enjoy these benefits while they work.


Since a temporary platform will effectively eliminate many safety and workflow issues it will undoubtedly speed up the completion of a renovation project in a drastic way. If the right size and height of a temporary platform is chosen then it minimises the time that will be wasted moving it to other areas.

Since home renovations can often get in the way of everyday life until they’re completed, it’s understandable that people would want to finish them as quickly as possible. A temporary platform is just one other piece of equipment that speeds up the entire process and lets families get back to enjoying their homes.


Whether saving money by avoiding hospital bills from a falling injury or just minimising the time spent on the project, temporary platforming is ultimately a huge money saving measure.

If someone is injured from falling from a height they may be unable to work for long periods which will mean the project will stall or require the hiring of outside help. The cost of the renovation project can increase the longer it takes because someone is forced to use a ladder to reach those high up areas.

Scaffolding hire is a clever choice for anyone needing to complete high up work for their renovation project. With all of the safety benefits combined with the general convenience of use, there’s no reason not to look into using temporary platforming on a home renovation.


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