Brittany Kaiser, former director of the Cambridge Analytica, claims to have met the founder of Wikileaks, John Assange, in February 2017 to discuss the US elections.

The US elections of November 2016 are driven by conspiracy theories of involvement of Russia in the defamation of Hilary Clinton deleting 33,000 emails leaked from her in-box.

Kaiser said that she met with Wikileaks official to confirm the happenings of the entire event and what role the organization played in it.

Her bold claim included the mention of her financial support to Wikileaks, which she claims is her ‘favorite charity’. The former director has reportedly stated that the channel she used to transfer large sums of money was cryptocurrency financed by several generous donors.

Alexander Nix, chief executive of Cambridge Analytica has been questioned for his involvement in the case, and he is expected to speak in front of the Digital, Culture, Media, and Support committee of United Kingdom once again to elaborate on the relationship that the company has had with Wikileaks, if any.

What further strengthens the suspicion of the DCMS was the claim of Kaiser who stated that despite numerous denials against any “involvement with Wikileaks”, some members of the “Cambridge Analytica were openly involved with Wikileaks.”

The case has been passed on to governments of the US and UK respectively.

Wikileaks has openly stated in a tweet on Wednesday that it has “no inherent connection to any of the parties mentioned by Brittany Kaiser.”

In addition, it emphasizes that there were “no forms of donations whatsoever which were received by Wikileaks from Cambridge Analytica.”


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