We’ve been permitting a way of thinking that “anything President Trump does will be wrong” in conjunction with incredible historic revisionism for the President Obama period, to be able to maintain identical blunders in the fight against terror which have powered Islamic State terrorism over the past 20 years.

Even so, there might be a new strategic window to transform these anti-Trump over stated claims for new review of the unsuccessful policies from the previous 10 years.

A current illustration of “anything Donald Trump does is definitely wrong” is due to altering all the rules with regard to drone kill decisions.

Back in May of 2013 President Barack Obama self-imposed a new double standard (referred to as the “playbook”) for remote control killing.

In the White House, which includes Barack Obama him self going over the kill checklist at frequent group meetings, would certainly determine which people outside the “traditional battle zones” involving Iraq as well as Afghanistan will be targeted.

At the same time, inside This country’s post 9/11 classic war areas and specific zones, military services commanders subsequently created, and today help to make, the actual kill selections without having any kind of civilian assessment or with regard to “acceptable civilian casualties” allegedly much less rigid.

Obviously the concept that any kind of action taken under “rules” will be based upon the bedrock misconception in which anything at all militarily performed by the past 3 presidents is lawful within the never updated ’01 acceptable casualties with regard to warfare throughout Afghanistan.

With regard to perspective, keep in mind Islamic State in no way existed, and also Iraq, Libya, Syria, as well as Yemen experienced very stable governing bodies at the time when Our elected representatives approved this authorization.

To sum it up: since The year 2013 the actual armed forces may destroy from the air anytime inside of Iraq and also Afghanistan (the particular condition of Syria is not clear) but NOT looking good as war plains already started hitting installations at will, along with other locations specified unilaterally through the U.S. federal government as “traditional,” using allotments for less reverence with the collateral harm to innocents killed.

It’s the U.S. President himself that plays judge, jury, and now executioner over the remaining world, which includes in a number of identified instances, ordering the demise or KILLING of American people with no due process.? Is this the kind of Government we want?.


Article contributed by: Melissa Wick


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