Storm Blasted the Sierra Nevada

Sleet and snow-fell across portions of East Coast on Saturday, coating all the roads with ice and causing a number of crashes. About Thousands of people lost power and the weather forecaster warned of Blizzard-like conditions from Virginia to the portions of Northeast.

Police also investigated various fatal crashes as potentially storm-related. But some of biggest cities of south, which includes Atlanta and Charlotte appeared to be safe somehow.

The authorities praised the localites for learning the lessons from the past storm that resulted in the icy gridlock.

But the officials also warned that the bitter cold would keep the roads treacherous even after the sleet and snow stopped.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said:

If I tell you anything it would be stay home.” “Do not go out and drive on the roads unless you absolutely have to.

The Storm lingered in the northeastern region of North Carolina and Southeastern Virginia, the places where the blizzard conditions were reported.

Sam Walker III, news director for Max Radio and the Outer Banks Voice Stated:

There are quite a few disappointed residents here who were hoping to see a few inches of snow on the sand, maybe take a ride on their bodyboards down Jockey’s Ridge,”. “Instead, it’s just been another typical windy, wet and cold nor’easter on the Outer Banks.

The officials at Boston’s Logan International Airport also urged the travelers in order to check with their airlines since a number of flights either cancelled or delayed, due to the bad weather conditions in the U.S.

Long lines were also reported at a number of supermarkets and other hardware stores where the residents were seen scooping up snow blowers and other required supplies like ice melt and many more.

A blizzard warning for certain portions of Virginia accompanied the forecast of high winds and up to 9 inches of snow there. Also, the National Weather issued the measures of about 6 inches of the snow at its post in Wakefield on Saturday.


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