Texas, Woman Brutally Killed By Stepson

On Sunday, a 20 year old man, brutally killed his stepmother, as he thought that she was “Disrespecting his father and gloating” about the victory of Dallas Cowboys, the court revealed.

According to the Police on Sunday, Dec-18, Jones kept a knife under the couch where his stepmom and father were watching the game (Dallas Cowboys).

He also walked out a number of times to get fresh air. Jones felt that his stepmom was disrespecting his dad, gloating the victory of cowboy and that’s when he reacted by reaching from behind and stabbing his stepmom repeatedly in the chest.

It is also being said that Jones is bipolar and was not on medications since years.

A Friend of the victim informed police,

I guess I’ll let him come into my life and our apartment.’ I said that’s up to you but you know he’s a grown man, he should be on his own.

She added

He was kind of scary because he was like one of those people like if you want to say something, he would attack you.

Ruiz(the victim) was taken to a South Austin hospital, where she took her last breath and died.

Also, according to the affidavit, Jones told the police that he also decided to break his sister’s neck initially, before he decided to kill his stepmom.


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