A woman in Norway has revealed that her psychic powers are so strong that at times she is forced to wear a black hoodie in order to block out the messages she receives from the paranormal world.

Mother-of-one Sofia Grundqvist, 43, claims she has possessed the ability to communicate with the dead ever since she was a small child. Being so young though, she did not know what the ‘inner voices’ she heard were, so she became accustomed to blocking them out.

Now she has accepted her extraordinary gift and uses her powers to help friends and colleagues contact people whom have passed on, while continuing to work in her full-time job at a medical plant.

Norwegian lady experiences physic episodes as a small child

“When I was younger, I didn’t know how to control my gift,” said Sofia. “But now I’ve learned to turn it off and on. I can pick up spirits every day if I want to, but sometimes it’s exhausting. It sounds bizarre, but I’ve actually found covering my head with a hoodie helps block it out and gives me some rest.”

As a child, Sofia recalls not being afraid of the spirits whom contacted her as she was “only surrounded by good spirits.” She also remembers observing ‘see-through people’ at her home, although she cannot recall what these people communicated to her.

She tried to explain to her mother all that she was experiencing, but no one in her family suggested it was the dead trying to communicate with her. Her experiences were explained away as ‘bad dreams’ or ‘the house creaking.’

Through training, Sofia has learned how to control her psychic abilities

As he grew older Sofia began to grow increasingly panicky as she had no idea what the voices in her head signified. She eventually learned to block them out.

As an adult she has embraced her gift, even spending time on a development course so she knows how to best deal with it.

When asked about the sceptical opinions some might have about her claims, Sofia said “I’m very relaxed. Nobody has to agree with me, but if they do, and they want help, then I am willing.”


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