Police looking for woman who stole a stone at a Yoko Ono exhibition - Google image labelled for reuse

The rock at the Yoko Ono exhibition, valued at around 14,000 euros, was part of an installation that the artist presents at the exhibition ‘The Riverbed’ at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto

It is a river rock, with the phrase “love yourself” and is valued at $17,500 (about 14,000 euros). The stone was part of the exhibition The Riverbed, that artist Yoko Ono inaugurated last February 22nd at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto – it will conclude on June 3rd – until a woman took iton March 12th at the exhibition.

The rock belonged to one of the installations, Stone Piece , which consists, according to the description of the enclosure, in “a pile of river stones that have been polished and molded by water through time”. 

Yoko Ono wrote on some of them, with black marker, words like “dream” (“dreams”), “remember” (“remember”) or “love yourself”, as in the stolen stone.  “visitors are invited to pick up a stone and hold it, concentrating on the word, then place it on the pile with the other stones in the center of the room”.

On April 7th, the Twitter account of the Toronto police was alerted of the robbery of the rock. Thanks to the cameras installed in the museum, the authorities learned that the theft took place around half past five on the afternoon of March 12th.

The images show a woman between 55 and 60 years of age and approximately 1.62 meters tall. She wore a red scarf and pants, hat, coat and black shoes.

There is a lot of stones on the ground and people can approach them and take them. The idea is to get them back to the exhibition when they’re finished, “Gary Long, a police spokesman, told The Toronto Star . 

The problem, according to Long, is that the person took the stone and left the property with it. Gary Long also explained to CTV News that this case is unusual, because museums usually have fences to protect the works. 

Police have indicated that the woman was last seen walking to the south of Queen’s Park, a famous park in downtown Toronto, police are asking for help from the public to know her identity.

Was it a robbery orchestrated by professionals to sell the rock in an auction on the Internet? 

Was it a curious revenge on the part of Beatles fans against Yoko Ono? 

Did the woman just think it was a suitable stone to decorate a newly purchased fish tank? 

The Toronto police will have to find the answer to those questions.


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