On Thursday the 28th of October 2016, US Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama made their very first joint campaign. This was a powerful union to urge younger women and people to vote! The rally happened in North Carolina. Clinton had previously failed democratic nomination in 2008. This was when Senator Barack Obama became president. Although the current First Lady was very critical about Clinton in the hard-fought 2008 elections, she left all traces of bitterness behind! On Thursday, Clinton praised Michelle Obama for coming forward and standing up for women across the world. This was completely different from what presidential candidate Donald Trump is currently following.

The Crowd

Clinton addressed to a crowd of 11,000. She quoted that “…. Dignity and respect of women are a part of this presidential election”. She thanked Michelle Obama for her powerful defense and eloquent support for the move.

The Words

Here is a quick overview of what Michelle Obama spoke: We need a president who is capable of handling and taking this job very seriously. The candidate should have the maturity and temperament to do the role perfectly. Someone who is absolutely steady and someone who can be trusted. And, Obama believes that Hillary Clinton would be the ideal choice.

The Fall

When it comes to polls, Trump has fallen well behind Hillary Clinton. This can be attributed to a huge myriad of accusations against Trump. Though Trump claims these allegations to be fake, he is behind in the November 8 race.


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