Wonder Woman Is coming back to the United Nations

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Recently, the United Nations created a campaign revealing the powers of “Wonder Woman”. This is a special campaign to empower young girls and women. Wonder Woman is a television and comic series heroine. She is to serve as the UN honorary ambassador. The designation ceremony is set to happen on 21st October. The event is made special by UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon. The event will take place at New York Headquarters. It is also expected to have many special guest like Lynda Carter who was the official Wonder Woman of  a TV series (in 1970s).

A Long Campaign

With this ceremony, there will be dialog about women empowerment and gender equality. These are two important elements of UN’s next few global goals. To be more precise, these are UN’s goals for the next decade! The entire event is hosted and sponsored by world famous Warner Bros and DC Entertainment. They are partnering with UN.

Serious Doubts and Critics

It is quite interesting to note that the author of this comic series said that the superhero is completely bisexual. She put to end a very long debate about the woman’s gender. These debates revolved around the wonder woman’s relationship with other men and women. One wouldn’t believe that these debates were very strong and filled with indispensable critics! There have been many storyline behind Wonder Woman. Some speculate on the Amazonian princess’s sexuality. The princess hails from Themyscira – this is an island filled with many amazing female warriors.

A lot of fans are happy with UN’s move! The announcement was welcomed and appreciated by most social media sites.


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