In a much smaller setting, whenever a Private Investigator (PI) is being considered in an organisation, the employees quickly conclude that the Boss needs a snitch to catch customers taking goods from the shop.

These days however, it has become quite commonplace to see employers hire Private Investigators to check on their staff, especially as issues such as fraud become more prevalent in today’s workplace.

In an effort to mitigate the risks of fraud and other negative vices in the workplace, a Private Investigator (PI) may just be the solution. Most Private investigators will scan through company computers, retrieving deleted emails and even reviewing internet searches, to ensure that irregularities are spotted and traced, with proper actions being taken. Another outcome could be queries being meted out to employees who may be using the company’s resources for their private needs.

Workplace fraud prevention is the number one reason why most employers invite Private Investigators to run occasional computer checks, despite employees constantly questioning the legality of evidence found in this manner by Private Investigators (PIs).

Some PIs extend the scope of an investigation to surveillance outside the workplace and while this sounds implausible, it does occur and is an accepted practice in some situations. The Private Investigator can observe an employee’s spending habits and properties acquired over a period of time and then try to match these traits with the employee’s salary or sources of income. This is usually an effective mechanism to aid fraud prevention in a workplace albeit questionable.

Most Private Investigators will claim the right to protect a business as a justification for their actions. And even though employees have a right to privacy under the Data Protection Act, this right is in many cases relinquished once an employee signs a contract without carefully going through the terms and conditions. In a case of suspicions for fraud, a Private Investigator may decide to make his presence known, or take a subtler approach, remaining in the background while he searches every nook and cranny for solid evidence.

Private Investigators can be the difference between a company, whose name is being ridiculed in the media through fraud related scandals, and one with a strong reputation, market share, and steady growth. If affordable, it is suggested that an employer hires a Private Investigator to cut the risk of fraud and other negatives.

Regardless of the path you decide to tread as an employer during such discussions, a Principal Investigator can save you tons of time, money and shame. By snooping around and finding irregularities and creating a report based on these irregularities for your actions.

Another advantage of a Principal Investigator in cases of fraud prevention is the fact that an investigation may not be marred by the personal inclinations of the organisation’s employees. Thus, giving rise to a transparent investigation regardless of employee positions or influence within the organisation. For more information about fraud prevention please contact ACES RGV at ACES RGV or call us on 956-752-6120

Aces RGV is a member of the ACES group based in Texas.

Author Steve Bjuvgard security specialist.


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