There are lots of views today as to how World War 3 might break out. Some people say that it would be in the form of nuclear weapons between the US and Russia or the US and China. People, however, do not understand how warfare situation can turn into a very permanent and devastating nuclear war real quickly.

In simple words, everyone knows that a war whatever form it might have, it would be two words, lethal and fast.

According to sources, Army leaders in DC believe that a war is almost guaranteed in the near future. This will surely contain a lot of artificial intelligence and smart weapons that will continue to dominate and devastate the world. They shall be such that even confrontations won’t take more than a few minutes.

There are even proxy battlefields in the Pacific waters; the problems of the current South China Sea are being seen as a testing ground where nuclear weapons are being tested and honed. This could be a new arms race between US, Russia, and China for developing the most effective weapons and their systems designed to fight the war of the next generations easily.

Hence, this would occur for proxy wars where many more powerful countries would take sides and push different agendas to their favor. Currently this type of situations exists within the borders of Ukraine. There is a standoff between Russian military and American backed government. This is also seen in Syria’s civil war where the Bashar Al Assad regime is supported by Russia while American supported Syrian rebels.

Thus, the armies of the powerful countries are now ready for an all out battle. Question is, which will be the straw that brakes the camels back and Launches the first deadly strike.


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