The competition for the Xbox One throne is on the rise with amazing Xbox One consoles that are currently revolving around the market.

It has become a lot tougher for people to choose between the three of this amazing gaming consoles as all of them have different and amazing sets of features.

To clear the situation up, here is a breakdown of different Xbox One consoles to help people decide better.

The Differences Between The Consoles Xbox One S and Xbox One

The Xbox One S was released somewhere in the middle of 2016 and was the smaller and certainly more powerful cousin for the Xbox One, released on 2013.

The redesign of Xbox One gave birth to the Xbox One S with a chassis of 11.6×8.9×2.5 inch and a sleek B and W design.

Comparatively a bit lighter with a 6.4-pound weight and an impressive design this console managed to reach the hearts of many with the integrated PSU.

A More Stylish Touch To Xbox One: Xbox One S

Xbox One S has got some major tweaks in the design as well. Take the capacitive P button for example, which has been replaced with a certain physical one.

This is a major help as it prevents sudden accidental shutdowns. Also, the S model doesn’t have a Kinect port and it can be made to stand vertically, unlike Xbox One.

With a superior GPU, boosted from the 853MHz to 914MHz.

Apart from that, there has been some improvement in the games’ performances as well. Provided with the 4K HDR video format, this is something that Xbox One does not have.

The memory for Xbox One came with a 500 GB hard disk, but the new S has got 1 GB, 2GB types.

Make way for the new model with an amazing and redesigned controller with a textured and satisfying grip. Oh, and don’t forget the Bluetooth support.

Should You Be Upgrading From Xbox One to S?

Certainly, if you have an Xbox One that is not up to the mark, the transition would be a better option. However, for the best results, you can try out the Xbox One X which is a far better alternative.

Xbox One/S Or The Xbox X

With a cooler coder name of Project Scorpio, Xbox One X clearly represents a better and more efficient version of Xbox One.

Redesigned to reap the benefits of 4K TV sector, this model has also got an HDR support along with HDR Blu-ray.

Size isn’t everything always, and the Xbox One X is the proof of that with the 11.8 x 9.5 x 2.4 inches (30 x 24 x 6 cm) size and an integrated PSU.

A sleek black design complements the smallest Xbox and it has got the physical button for Power as well.

Many features of the X make it similar to that of S but then there are some specifications which are a lot more improved.

The frequency goes from 1.75-2.3GHz. With an integrated GPU and a DDR3 RAM of 8 GB, DDR5 RAM of 12 GB, this tool is the ultimate champion for gaming.

The Xbox X has got an HDD instead of SSD, but it is definitely faster than Xbox One.

Advantages Of Xbox One X

Xbox One X has got many special features including hardware that makes the gaming experience absolutely amazing. The specialized hardware, for example, allows any game to effortlessly run with the anisotropic filtering. Sharper imagery and a cleaner look is something that you will get here.

The games of X have been redesigned as well to reap off the benefits of the amazing hardware. Added support of HDR, FPS Boost and 4K rendering are included.

The X also has a way with the 4K HDR TV sets, also 1080p TVs are the best for handling such a powerful gaming console. With additional graphics and amazing textures, lighting, this one is slowing enriching the minds of the gamers.

Which One Should You Buy?

Someone who doesn’t have a set of Xbox One and has got a 1080p television the best thing would be to get the S.

However, when already in possession of an Xbox One set, one shouldn’t for Xbox One S but should instead upgrade to Xbox One X. This will provide the exact boost in performance that is required.

For someone with a 4K Television, the straight option would be to get the Xbox One X.

Hands down, the choice is simple.


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