A Suicide Bomber detonated himself outside a military camp in the southern city of Aden and killed 52 soldiers and police officials.

The Yemen-based affiliate of the Islamic State Groups are said to be responsible for the actions. Whereas, this is reported to be a second attack in the region that intentioned to harm the militants and other authorities.

One of the security official, Abdel- Rahman al-Naqeeb said that around 52 Soldiers were killed and 63 were said to be injured during the blast.

The IS Affiliate are held responsible for the attacks according to a post published on IS-Run Aamaq news agency.

The post also identified the suicide bomber to be Abu Hashim al-Radfani, who published a photo with a smile and wearing a white vest, standing right next to the black flag of the IS group.

The attack was intentioned to kill all the security forces near the military base in the port city of Aden, highlighting all the failures of the government in Yemen and other military officials in the security areas.

Ramzi Alfadhli, who is a spokesman of the special forces in Yemen said,

We expect the death toll to rise.” “The explosives were placed under the casts, and once he was inside the crowd, he blew himself up.

It is said that about a hundred of soldiers and policeman arrived 500 feet away from Solaban Military base at around 5 a.m, in order to collect their salaries

Where, at 8 a.m the bomber walked into the group, wearing a cast on one of his arm and his leg. He was dressed in a traffic police uniform and walked using the crutches. Later, he blew himself off killing 52 soldiers.


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