What effect are the latest Islamophobic attacks having on the Islamic younger generation?

“If I am murdered, know I saw it arriving. I suspected it, feared it, obsessed over it even. Didn’t have the privilege for being oblivious as well as carefree. Sure, I could assume it’ll never be me personally, but my own demographics don’t support such folly.

I can’t stay here as a woman, a black woman, a black Muslim woman and never take into account that I may find my way into someone’s cross-hairs.” These are the basic words of Nadirah Hangail written following the assault on the Finsbury Park mosque in the uk; after the murder of 17-year-old Nabra Hassanen.

These kinds of events have created a discussion about emotional well being among youth in the Muslim local community, particularly if individuals are being targeted for their religious beliefs, and the way they express it.

At vigils for Nabra Hassanen, younger mourners shared how easily her fate could have been their very own. Joshua Salaam is actually a Chaplain within the All Dulles Area Islamic Society (ADAMS), the mosque and community Nabra belonged to.

He recently shared that a great many young adults coming from that neighborhood are afraid to walk outdoors, and therefore are going through nightmares and issues related to the trauma associated with Nabra’s killing.

The fears of these young adults are not unfounded

The National Consortium with the Study of Terrorism and Reactions to Terrorism (START), a research and education and learning center at the University of Maryland, believe that Muslims are in reality the most likely victims of terrorism worldwide. And in the United States, the Local authority or council on American Islamic Relations found that hate crimes targeting Muslim Americans were way up nearly 600 % from 2014 to 2016.

Join our conversation on the trauma, and the toll it takes, Islamophobic violence cause major mental health and emotional stress on the well-being of younger Muslims.


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