Veterinary Technician Brittany Dreier checks the vital signs of Jenna a pit-bull owned by Shannon Wiehoff for her annual; check up at the Yokota Air Base veterinary clinic.; (U.S. Air Force photo by SrA Veronica Pierce

Before purchasing your very first pet, think carefully about which animal is best for your family. 

Pets can add fun, companionship and a sense of security to your life.

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What is it that each member of the family looks for in a pet?

Who will take care of it? 

Is anyone in the house allergic to animals? 

What type of animal fits your lifestyle and budget?

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When you already have a pet, keep it healthy

Learn to recognize the signs of medical problems. Take your pet to the veterinarian if you observe:

Loss of appetite

Excessive water consumption

Rapid weight gain or loss

Uncommon behavior

Tiredness and laziness

Difficulty getting up or going to bed

Strange bulges

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