Zayn and Taylor’s Exotic debut

Zayn Malik and Taylor swift are finally out with their exotic music video. The couple makes their debut for a smouldering video full of agony and passion.

“I don’t wanna Live Forever”

Zayn and Taylor as seen in the video, are two tormented pop stars fuming with rage for their lost love.

They allied together for the song, “ I don’t want to live Forever” which will appear on the much anticipated sequel of Fifty Shades of Grey.

The video portrays them as two flourishing pop stars doing really well but totally devastated with their separation. It is full of pain and anguish and the Twilight background used makes it totally relatable to the Fifty Shades Franchise.

The Music video has been shot at Hotel St. Pancras Renaissance, London. The theme opens with Zayn getting down from his Limo in the rain.

The two stars proceed towards their respective rooms snubbing the mob surrounding them. Their encounter with each other made them feel nostalgic and dejected.

Turning to their rooms both of them acted hysterically insane.

While Zayn is frenziedly throwing the crockery, Taylor is shot pulling petals of the flower and the same anguish is followed till the end.

Taylor looks sensual with beaming red lips and Zayn as always, looks sultry with those tattoos and piercing.

Both the stars look exotically stunning in the video which will appear in Fifty Shades Darker Soundtrack. The album currently stands at 8th position on the Billboard Hot 100. However, it was on 6th stand when it was released.

While the song is ranked at third position in Australia, but could not do well in the U.K. Where it stood in 16th position.

The song is co-written by Swift, Sam Dew and Antonoff and was produced by Jack Antonoff.

The long-awaited sequel of Fifty Shades will hit the theatres on 10th February and most probably the song will also appear on the soundtrack the same day.


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