Zimbabwe's Army Commander, Constantino Chiwenga

Zimbabwe – In a remarkable affirmation following long hours of anxiety, Zimbabwe’s military earlier Wednesday needed to assure the nation that “this isn’t a armed forces take-over” and President Mugabe was safe, and that the army had been directed only at “criminals around him” which have pushed the country directly into financial hopelessness.

Major gunfire, including artillery have been observed and heard within the northern and surrounding suburbs of the capital Wednesday early morning.

Zimbabwe’s envoy to South-Africa, Isaac Moyo, previously ignored talks of any coup, indicating government entities had been “intact”.

A statement from the military services arrived several hours after members of the army overran headquarters of ZBC. An official in uniform explained: “We would like to reassure the country that his excellency the president… and his family members are secure and good and that their safety is guaranteed.”

The actual affirmation included: “We are just focusing on criminals that surrounded him for a long time, they have and are carrying out criminal offenses… which are causing social and economical suffering in the nation. When we’ve achieved the objective, we predict the situation will go back to normalcy.”

The report failed to identify individuals who were targeted, however a govt source cited by Reuters, said that financial minister Ignatius Chombo was among those detained.

It’s still not very clear who’s actually leading this army actions.

The United States embassy within Harare tweeted it will be shut down Wednesday “due to on-going uncertainty”.

The most recent activities arrived hrs following Zimbabwe’s ruling party accusing the nation’s military chief of “treasonable conduct” when this individual made public the probable army involvement.

General Constantino Chiwenga challenged 93-year-old Leader Mugabe soon after he sacked his vice-president.

Tensions have been elevated even more on Tuesday as armored motor vehicles have been noticed taking up postures upon roadways just outside Harare, even though their intention has been not yet determined. A few employees at ZBC ended up being manhandled as soon as the military took control of the office buildings within Harare late Tuesday night, sources informed CTN News.

Staff were advised they “should not be worried”, a source added in, and that troopers were just there to safeguard the site.


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